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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Prayer For the Fast- For the Prisoners in Iran

From the daughter of one of the seven Bahá'ís that are being held in Prison in Mashad:

“They were allowed to see their family members yesterday or the day before, all together, briefly, at the same time. One of them had wept. Only one had been permitted to speak, a woman. She told the families that they were well, that they were strong and confident, that they were being treated kindly, and were allowed to keep the Fast, that they were given hot tea in the mornings through the goodness of the guards and that the food they kept over from the night before was warmed up for them to eat for breakfast. But they added that they were suffering because they did not have their prayer books and did not remember all the words of the prayer for the Fast. When one of the family members offered to give a prayer book to them, he was naturally stopped. The woman begged them to tell the Baha'is outside to please say the Fast prayer on their behalf, to please pray that they might remain strong and firm, adding that they could FEEL when the friends were praying for them, could feel the warmth of their prayers...

Dear Readers, the video below is the prayer for the Fast in the native language of the prisoners.

The Fast from Bahai Concepcion on Vimeo.

This is a LINK to the prayers in English if you wish to personally partake of the bounty of supplicating on their behalf. Here you have a choice of several prayers.


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