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Thursday, November 13, 2008

WOW! It's Twilight Time

Just when you think you have the world figured out, there's something else.
Like Wrath of the Lich King or Twilight.

All I know is that when my youngest son is online with his sister-in-law and nephew, Aaron and I can sneak out and go fishing!

And when that same youngest son (who has struggled his whole life with dyslexia and other things) says to me: "Mom, can we go to Borders and buy a book- Twilight?" I have to sit up and pay attention!

Actually, he was reading out loud on the way home and I found the beginning of the book very interesting. The high school  heroine has just left Phoenix (from a class of 700) for the woods of the Pacific Northwest (school of 300).

I graduated from high school in Phoenix and my classmates and I are getting ready for our 41st class reunion next year. There's a bunch more (now chattering on the Net) than I remember from the 30th reunion... but our class was big- like in the book- around 700 I figure.

Other big news from the family- Daughter called today to say that LiLu sat herself up. She also "sang" to me on the phone! Mom in Florida went fishing with my sister and was happy to bring home dinner that night! Brother-in-law is writing about our childhood (mansion) home in Wisconsin and wants some anecdotes from my memory. That's another book... (grin).
And #2 son is taking is Compass tests in order to start the spring semester at Kauai Community College. I will be delighted to see him pursuing his education!

 So, the disappointment of having to wait for the next Harry Potter movie (a Thanksgiving tradition) until next summer is somewhat assuaged. Well, at least now I know what Cedric Diggory has been up to lately!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha. At my last high school reunion, a woman who sat next to me in journalism class said she didn't recognize me. All that weight and old age, I guess...

Next year, a bunch of classmates will be painting the courtyard at Roosevelt High prior to our class reunion. I'm debating whether to join them.

November 13, 2008 at 1:59 PM  
Blogger jase0517 said...

Hahaha, Twilight! When I was in Madison this summer, the latest Twilight book came out. My friend Kim, who went with me, is a huge fan of the series, so I picked up a copy for her. I also found out that it's the Twilight series that all my friends talk about when they mention Edward. I was like, "Who the heck is Edward?!?!" :-)

November 13, 2008 at 4:42 PM  

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