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Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Meditation for the Fast - Red Grammer

Red Grammer = Teaching Peace

At least that is how I first got to know him when #2 and #3 sons were little.

#3 son and I learned all the words to "The ABC's of You" and "Barnyard Boogie" was #2 son's favorite song - which we sang hundreds of times every time we rode in the car.

In 1992, Hurricane Iniki slammed Kauai - a few weeks before Red was scheduled to make a concert tour of Hawaii. We were scheduled to photograph the Big Island Concert and were able to do that- toting our infant and toddler along.

I can still see Red on stage- singing what is still my favorite song - a song I cannot sing without tearing and choking up. It strikes a resonant chord in me. It is about being ONE FAMILY.
I still can see active young Andy Grammer running around with Red's beautiful wife and creative partner Kathy keeping a watchful eye.

This morning as I was in the midst of prayers and listening to the Youth of Shiraz singing the Prayer for the Fast, my email inbox pinged receipt of a new message. It was from Red.

With his permission, I share this with you:

Much loved ones,
Hi! I was saying my prayers this morning and came across a passing in a prayer... thinking
of a dear friend I am sharing the Faith with. I picked up my guitar and what came out
seemed to be a sweet meditation for the Fast.
Much love,


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