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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rotary Social Worker Humanitarian of the Year- Melinda Barnes

The Rotary Club of Poipu Beach has selected Melinda Barnes to receive the Humanitarian Award in Social Work for Kauai.
Leila Fuller, Melinda Barnes, Social Worker Humanitarian of the Year, Assistant District Governor Laurie Yoshida, Roberta Charles, President of the Rotary Club of Poipu

Melinda Barnes Na Wahine Alaka'i 0 Kauai
Kulia i ka Nu'u - to strive for excellence
Ka Paipai A'e - to encourage
Ka Lokomaika'i - does good, generous
Ho'omaika'i -  achievement
Ka Hali'ali'a - fond recollection

"Melinda is remarkable in her dedication to the Kauai community. She sees a serious need on our island and personally serves families in crisis again and again and again, as a volunteer and also in her professional work. She has taken the initiative to create an organization that helps people who have been in jail and send them back on track. She works with youth at the greatest risk for up in our penal system and gives them the resources and encouragement to lead fulfilling lives. "

"Her leadership has created the services to provide at-risk youth with mentors and advocates, programs and activities, and the opportunity to tum things around. Mellnda has made best use of state funding so that compared to other islands Kauai shines in the number of youth served and the success rate of efforts made."

"Melinda is very generous with her time as a board member, crisis counselor, service provider, mother, partner and stepmom. Somehow she finds a way to serve in many capacities, always in the right place at the right time. She is an woman and a role mode! for me."

"When I see how dedicated Melinda is, ! am humbled and also very She gives more that anyone I know and her makes a very big difference. She knows what to and when to give it so that it's most impactfuL sense is that she's been there herself and someone SIElPIJlea in and helped her, so she continues to do same for others knowing that it makes ali the difference."

"My personal recollection is of Melinda atways smiliing and showing up even when she's stretched pretty thin, knowing that she's needed. I've worked with her for several years with a organization and each time I see her and ask how are going. she tells me about yet another miraculous yet another important endeavor, another she's administe!ing. She smiles the hard stuff and is very humble about her she exemplifies the qualities you are for in :a Wahine Alaka'i 0 Kaua'i".

Sharon Gonsalves


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