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Friday, October 31, 2008

Drowning Prevention

Tonight, Rotary Club Presidents from five of the 6 clubs on Kauai, along with our Assistant Governor met to hear a presentation on their "Rescue Tubes" project by Dr. Monty Downs and John Tyler. I'll share more details soon. Here we are talking about what we can do to help save lives at unguarded Kauai beaches. Mahalo to Dr. Jeff Goodman for bringing the pizza!

This is a very good website for beach information in Hawaii.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rotary Planning Meeting

Tonight we had a very good planning meeting.

There was another group in our normal meeting room so we met al fresco in the Cottages Breezeway.

We went over a financial report from last year to finalize our budget for this year and started on our club calendar. We are going to be very busy for the next few months!
The GREAT news is that we will soon have a newsletter again! Thanks, Mark!

I am encouraging all members of West Kauai Rotary to REGISTER for the District Conference. $10 is so affordable and it will be a LOT of fun! Let's be a 100% registered club!

And I am also thinking that it would be wonderful if a few of our members could attend the INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION in Birmingham, England June 21- 24, 2009 and work in a visit to our sister club in Whitby too.

November is shaping up to be a busy month, even without the Kachi Kachi Dance! Stay tuned for more info!

Students in James Brabant’s fifth- and sixth-grade split class at Patton Elementary School were star struck Oct. 14 when Detroit Lions linebacker Jordon Dizon visited.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The girl is MOBILE!

Lilu is crawling! A new era has begun (grin).
Daughter caught it on tape. Videos coming up!

Grandma Lali is visiting... and Lilu's friend Colin!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Canary, yum

This grin, taken next to the electrical outlet near Gate 73 at HNL is
for the Redskins and Warriors football wins this weekend. Woo hoo! I
feel like the cat that ate.. well, you know.
Pix are HERE

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sweet win!


Whoop There IT IS!

Alexander throws a TD!

Hamster Ball Race

Halftime fun

Rainy plays

Youngest fan

Warriors take the field


Ronnie eye view

Mr and Mrs Curveball and I are in Ronnie's seats in the north endzone.
It's a covered seat under true jumbotron and protected from rain.

Jojo and joje

They made it!

Hanalei Moon

MeiLing hula to Aunty Diana, James, Addahknowjoe, midnight.

Lilikoi pie

Kymry's Kookies

WassupDoc is one of many Tsai-Kos enjoying Kymry's awesome UH cookies.

MeiLing, Mrs and Mr Midnight

The T-Gate must go on!

One handed catch

Calvin goes long.

Al and Jason

Checking out Shelton's CDs


Shelton Choy brought CD's from Nalani's group Na Leo while Nalani is
catching the game on Maui with duffer and the gang.

Calvin brings more friends from Kona

Aaron and Christy from Kona

D1Shima gets his prize shirt.

Mr & Mrs HeinekinHealer

Kau Kau

BG' T-Gate fund

T-Gaters can put in for an end of the year donation to something
supporting UH Athletics.

Betty, the Watermelon Cutter

Oysters and Opihi

James is cooking

BG and Betty

We were going to give BG a hard time about the reservation mixup but
we let him go after Mrs. A-House got hostile and was ready to beef
with the birthday party people. LOL

Life goes on

The tents are going up as the gang arrives.

Mother of Invention

Ralph is creating a food tray for the chow fun. Cardboard box, Saran
wrap and duct tape!


When you get lemons...
Ok we no more electricity or lights and the trek across the swamp is
long. But the boss moved our fire and helped move the big stuff in his
golf cart. And the view of the stadium is beautiful.

Pull Up the Tents!

Tsai-ko Gate on the. Move

Have Fire Will Travel

Moving house to Pavillion 7

Birthday Party?

Another group of people say this is THEIR pavilion for a birthday
party. And they are moving in. Hmmm. James has the fire started already.

Koakane fires up the wok

Stir fry chow fun is us!

Homey's chow fun

Rainy Day T-Gate

James is prepping the fire. Mahalo to WassupDoc for the cook tent!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Brenda and Sports

Tsai-ko Girl Power on Kauai

Kymry's Goodie Bag. This lady is a true Warrior Fan. Warrior cookies!!