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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Clean Islands

Last year I donated a ticket to a Warriors game to The Warrior Beat blog for a prize. The lucky winner was "curveball". He met us at the Tsai-ko-gate and brought his signature watermelon and Hawaiian chili pepper water (not for eating together) and jumped right into the blog ohana with both feet.

A lot of things happened in the year that followed, including the unanticipated loss of his wife Kristen, who had also become part of our ohana.
This year, curveball decided to become  Warrior Football season ticket holder and took the leap from the yellow section to the blue section with me.
A few minutes before the Wahine Football Clinic, slugger and I stopped by his workplace to drop off his tickets!

And what a workplace!
Curveball works on an awesome ship (shades of The Deadliest Catch!) that cleans oil spills in Hawaiian waters. He gave us a cool tour.

The ship has everything and everything is in it's place. We even got to see the inside.

Thanks, curveball! We'll see you next Friday for the season opener at Aloha Stadium!

The first trailer is out for the Cooley brothers' new indie- Ghosts Don't Exist. Thanks to their kindness and facebook, I am rather attached to this production staff and wish everyone the best success with this endeavor!
Catch it at a film festival near you!

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Friday, August 28, 2009

2nd Annual Wahine Football Clinic

The 2nd Annual Wahine Football Clinic was a blast!

More info coming soon. In the meantime, here are SOME PICS.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lilu, our Hoku

I know every grandmother likes to brag on their moopuna... I'm not any different!

Lilu has been doing some art work lately. She freehanded a hoku
Lilu got her silver Hawaiian bracelet too.. she likes it! Almost as much as flowers!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Preserving Kauai Backyard Music, Volume 2

Smith's Tropical Paradise
174 Wailua Rd
Wailua, HI 96746

Saturday, August 22, doors open at 5:00 pm
Premiere Viewing presented by Kauai Historical Society and Bamboo Moon Video:
"Preserving Kauai Backyard Music, Volume 2" Documentary on Kauai Musicians

Featured are Mama Ane Kanahele, Ileialoha Beniamina and the Kaohelauli'i 'ohana of Niihau,
Victor Punua & Sons, the Kamaainas with Ambrose Smith, David Sproat, Gabby Manintin, Edward Punua; Uncle Nathan Kalama with Lady Ipo Kahaunaele Ferreira and Maka Herrod.
Live musical performances by Paul Togioka, Pancho Graham, Garret Santos
and emcee Maka Herrod and Lady Ipo

Video screening, luau dinner, silent auction of estate items, resort stays, fine art & more.
DVD's available for purchase
This cute little rooster greeted us at the entry (for my daughter who is raising chickens for eggs). The Luau Pavilion was filled to overflowing with luminaries of Hawaiian music and us common folk. Old friend JB manned the sound board.

Ambrose Smith with the Kamaainas, videographer Dr. Rob Zelkovsky (who gave me adjustments during Byron's birth), and Mama Ane, an old friend from Niihau.

I missed dear Ilei Beniamina who did not attend but Mama Ane performed with the ohana.

Mayor Carvalho and his lovely wife dropped by; silent auction items included a koa ukulele signed by Aunty Genoa, and the food was plentiful and delicious!
The Kamaainas performed, and then Aunty Kuulei Punua (my daughter's kumu hula) watched while husband Victor and the offspring carried on their beautiful tradition of Hawaiian music - inspiring impromptu hula in the real kanikapila style!

It was a night for memories. And when the video was played- I was taken back in time to the Kauai Surf days of the 70's in an instant. It is entered in the Hawaii Film Festival. I hope you will get a chance to see it yourselves some day!

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The smell of football season to come

I'm too sleepy to complete this entry but I will start with some of my favorite Washington Redskins cartoons by Jorge. See them at

(If you don't know the Redskins... this player's name is BETTS. His preseason game jersey ID was misspelled... and the Redskins did not play well -vs- the Ravens.)

Colt Brennan and Chase Daniel with the Cooley Zone - reflections of a Redskins NFL sophomore and rookie after the Steelers preseason game.

Our Hawaii Warrior Season Tickets have arrived!
This year, I am in the blue section- which means a horizontal walk around Aloha Stadium rather than a vertical spiral into yellow.
Go Warriors!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Scones are us

Remember when fellow Tsai-ko blogger made scones when he visited us on Kauai? He left me with a packet (just add water) and the challenge to make a successful batch.

I decided to step up the the challenge today.

Ingredients carefully selected and measured. Oven preheated to the correct temp. Ingredients combined.

A little folding, addition of fresh blueberries, more folding.

Folding over, pressing, folding over, shaping.

Slicing, placing on cookie sheet.

Into and out of the oven... success!
That is my carb limit for lunch (no butter)! Then I had a salmon burger with Korean spinach and 5 asparagus spears.
Ta Da!

Thanks, wafan!