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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

At the Pool with Lilu

Kiahuna Swim and Tennis Club has a great pool with a soft pebble beach
and a waterslide! Lilu loves it.

Lilu swimming in Poipu from Liz Kauai on Vimeo.

Lilu goes down the Water Slide from Liz Kauai on Vimeo.

Lilu relaxes in warm water from Liz Kauai on Vimeo.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Lilu's Han-bok and cake

From my Picasa Album

Lilu was very comfortable in her Han-bok when she got used to it! More info soon. Oh yeah, she picked a pencil first and then scissors, money, knife and lastly, rice.).

Lilu's Toljabee from Liz Kauai on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday

Picnics and parties aside, yesterday was a special birthday for me. It was not because of my sweet granddaughter or even the benchmark of my own 59 years on the planet but because of Dustin's spiritual rebirth.

Dustin and Carmel at the start of our Ruhi Study Circle. The three of us making an entry on Soul Pancake. Carmel and Dustin listen to stories of 90 year old David Stuart's life adventures as a Baha'i.

I met Dustin a few short weeks ago right after I returned from the Auckland Baha'i Conference with my own renewal of commitment and re-prioritization of responsibilities. He is the close friend of Carmel, the youngest daughter of my longtime friend Rosalie.
The three of us embarked on a soul journey called "Reflections on the Life of the Spirit", the first book in the Ruhi Institute's series of materials for collaborative study for individual and social transformation.
These same Ruhi courses have become yet another excuse for severe persecution of the Baha'is of Iran. 
Last night, after our lovely day at the beach, where Dustin had the unique experience of swimming with a sea turtle, I stopped by our friend Joanne's house at Dustin's request. There he made his declaration of belief in Baha'u'llah and eagerly enrolled in the Baha'i Faith. We marked this special occasion by singing "God is Most Glorious" (Allah'u'Abha) and all present autographed a prayer book which we presented to Dustin with great love.

The Baha'i Faith is not organized like a congregation like the churches we are accustomed to in the US. There is no clergy and work performed in the spirit of serving humanity is deemed worship. Its houses of worship are built for humanity - the nine sides symbolize the world's religions- whose portals all lead to the celebration of our common Creator.

UPDATE: Sweet soul and wonderful musician Dan Seals has just passed away. Here is a special video about the Baha'i Faith that he left for us:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Poipu Party

As a Tsai-ko, Friends, Family, Food, Fun, Football and Fishing have been a way of life in support of the University of Hawaii Warrior football team.

Today, we did 4 of the 5 F's (fishing was yesterday) with old and new Friends and Family from aFar.

Daughter Michele, her hubby Jason, granddaughter Lilu, son Aaron, grandson Jamison. Aaron slices fresh kavakava from our neighbors. Chinese food from #1, Hanalei poi, nori, salsa- what a variety!

Kalua cabbage, lamb curry with lentil rice, a lot of poke of different types and kulolo.

Lilu signs "hat" and takes a little nap. Sister Norma and Melissa, her best friend from high school.

Jamison, Jason, Lilu, Great Grandma Chris all in shades. Alison and Jamison take turns with Michele "walking" Lilu  around the park and swimming in the kiddie pool.

Dustin and Carmel tell Norma all about his swim with a turtle! Norma and Michele with dear friend Arnold Meister.

Sickness Notwithstanding

Thursday I was down with a deep cough and draggy energy and spent the day eating gimchi/doubou jigae and ginger tea. The 6 PM news did not lift my spirits as I felt bad for my son and Second Nature's certain disappointment that they did not win the Band Champ. I crashed on my old bed for one more time before my sis and hubby arrived. MAHALO to son Steven for cleaning up the room and taking on all the household chores while his brother was doing music.
I was up with a pounding headache at 4 AM and finally go back to sleep- waking up at 9:30 AM- completely missing the Band Champ presentation to Why Bother on the early morning news.

Then I downed an Advil, drained a cup of coffee and dragged myself out of the house to greet my sister Norma and her hubby Jim. Steven drove us into Lihue where we met them at Pho Kauai for lunch and Hamura's for halohalo.

Afterwards, We did some errands and ran into Mrs. Nitta at #1 Chinese Food where we were both ordering food to go. Mrs Nitta is the mom of Norma's best high school friend Melissa.

Then we went fishing on the Waimea Landing with Aaron- no take-home fish this time but lots of fun.

We all got together around our new table for dinner. Michele, Jason, Lilu and Alison joined the fishers for steak, Korean goodies from Palama Supermarket on Oahu and assorted poke from Ishihara Market in Waimea.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Watching, calling, texting and chillin'

The Second Nature ohana gathered in Kekaha to watch the Band Champ Finale on Wednesday night.

The good food and laughs filled the night- especially when Second Nature was playing.
I think we were feeling pretty proud of these kids who have worked so hard to get so far in just a few weeks. Their love for music filled the chilly night air- long after the show was over and the calling and texting was well underway.

Impromptu songs and harmonies popped out here and there as friends joined in to celebrate the special evening!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vote for Second Nature

Call 808 861 4431 or text VOTE

Watching Band Champ

From Kekaha Hawaiian Homes.

Band Champ Broadcast and Vote!

The time has come.

Which group of teens will be crowned "Band Champ 2009" by YOUR votes?

We hope it will be SECOND NATURE from Kauai!
Watch tonight - Wednesday, March 25, 2009
9:00 P.M. KHON Fox 2 after American Idol
After the show, you will have 2 HOURS to phone or text in your votes (unlimited) for your favorite band!
The numbers will appear at the end of the broadcast.

Mahalo for your support and your VOTES!

MAHALO to KQNG RADIO for promoting Kauai's Band Champ!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Lilu is here! She likes the busses.

Dad holds her while mom sets up her car seat and installs her shades and uncle Byron packs the car with luggage.

We head for Poipu where Lilu and Uncle Steven share some books. Watch Lilu ask for books in word and sign!

Granddaughter Lilu and Steven 3/24/09 Kauai from Liz Kauai on Vimeo.