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Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Pacific Experience

Yes gigi - I am having the time of my life. We are immersed in a living and vital Pacific Islander experience - in the context of seeing a global civilization taking shape before our very eyes!


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Old Friends in New Times

The Baha'i Conference registration started and when we went down today, we made new friends and renewed wonderful "old" ones! The first picture is me with Russ and Gina Garcia. Russ is one of the greatest living musicians in the world and was kind enough to write down and arrange a simple tune that came to me on a beach back in the 70's. It was set to a prayer by Baha'u'llah known as "Blessed is the Spot".
The second image is me and my dear Samoan friends Khosrow and Ruth (and another friend of theirs) who were caretakers of the Baha'i Temple in Samoa when we visited back in the 80's to help with the landscaping for the Dedication of that marvelous place. They live there still!

Here are Tahitian friends Byron and Laura Hobdy. Next image is the Telestra Center with the moon and Venus, I believe. A beautiful site that greeted us after dinner.

Ok, Ok, here is a food shot from dinner tonight. A yummy filet with local potatoes and veggies. And here is my friend Heajun and our new friend Leah -whose shop an eye 4 art features beautiful local art. Heajun and I learned a lot about Maori art and customs. Across the mall from the shop is FoodTown - where I found some saimin and fruits for midnight snacks.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Zealand

Exchanging Rotary banners in Auckland.
I got off the plane and into a cab and had the most wonderful Rotary experience already!
Will post more when I get the  wireless technology figured out.
Ok. That was President-Elect Morrisof the Papakura Club. Prayers for healing go out to their President  who is ill. I enjoyed a delicious meal of lamb and regional veggies and a special treat- a visit to a private museum of vintage cars and many many other wonderful things! More to come on that later.
This morning, Friday, in NZ, I attended the Ellerslie Sunrise meeting. WOW! It takes place at the Auckland Race Track and the special guest speaker made we want to return for the Auckland Arts Festival in March!
Even better yet, the speaker, Ilona Rodgers, will be organizing the performances at the Baha'i Regional Conference- the purpose of my trip!

Exchanging Banners at Ellerslie and Ilona Rodgers and her beautiful boxer! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Traveling with Friends

Woo hoo! Ann and Olie from Kauai are on the same flt. to SYD. And will
be on the same return flt.

To Sydney

Here we are. The first step to Sydney!

Kekaha Skim

#2 Son was out shooting more skimboarding today- this time at Kekaha Beach. Pretty cool!

Tomorrow morning I head out for the land Down Under. If I can find some wifi spots, I'll keep you up on the latest happenings. Look for me on Twitter and Facebook too!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A New Day - One more Step for Humanity

"O ye the elected representatives of the people in every land! Take ye counsel together, and let your concern be only for that which profiteth mankind, and bettereth the condition thereof, if ye be of them that scan heedfully. Regard the world as the human body which, though at its creation whole and perfect, hath been afflicted, through various causes, with grave disorders and maladies. Not for one day did it gain ease, nay its sickness waxed more severe, as it fell under the treatment of ignorant physicians, who gave full rein to their personal desires, and have erred grievously. And if, at one time, through the care of an able physician, a member of that body was healed, the rest remained afflicted as before. Thus informeth you the All-Knowing, the All-Wise." -Baha'u'llah

" Whatever is in the heart of man, melody moves and awakens. If a heart full of good feelings and a pure voice are joined together, a great effect is produced. For instance: if there be love in the heart, through melody, it will increase until its intensity can scarcely be borne; but if bad thoughts are in the heart, such as hatred, it will increase and multiply. For instance: the music used in war awakens the desire for bloodshed. The meaning is that melody causes whatever feeling is in the heart to increase. Some feelings occur accidentally and some have a foundation. For example: some people are naturally kind, but they may be accidentally upset by a wave of anger. But if they hear music, the true nature will reassert itself. Music really awakens the real, natural nature, the individual essence. With whatever purpose you listen to music, that purpose will be increased. For instance: there will be a concert given for the poor and unfortunate, and if you go there thinking of the aim, the music will increase your compassion and generosity. This is the reason why music is used in war. And so it is with all the things that cause the excitation of the nerves." -'Abdul-Baha

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cat Call

Ok. It's time for their booster shots.
Squeaky and Palu knew what was up even before the cat carriers came out. Palu took off for her hiding place with my sons following. She conceded without too much trouble.
Squeaky was stuck with the old cat carrier. He's a bit big for that device and made one getaway in the car but went back in.
Squeaky sought refuge in the hated cat carrier but it was too late.
They were not too thrilled about getting their shots but they were good patients and didn't make much trouble.

After we got home, #2 son helped me harvest several gallons of worm tea and got busy doing outside chores. #1 son was in the neighborhood - taking items to the Cancer Survivors' Rummage Sale in Hanapepe. He was kind enough to come down with his truck and haul away some old mattresses to the dump.
Then the two guys talked about college and other "real world" kind of things.
Now I'm off to Costco to pick up a queen sized inflatable bed and microwave-friendly provisions for the boys.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Edifices and childhood

gigi-hawaii got me started on a trip down memory lane when she asked about my horse.
I grew up in a couple of mansions in Lake Geneva, WI. Stone Manor (now called Younglands) and Korean Village (now called Lakeshore Village). These are both historic homes and now condominiums. Stone Manor still sits on its acreage but Korean Village has been filled in with a street and more homes where I used to pasture my horse and practice barrel racing.
On the left is Stone Manor, which I referred to as "house on the haunted hill". I used to take the lakeshore path about a mile to get into town to go to the movies. Coming home in the moonlight was scary. On the right is Korean Village. We lived here 9 months out of the year because Stone Manor was too large to heat in the winter and the driveway was too long to keep plowed. The homes behind the main house are where my pasture (purple) used to be and the bottom end section (red) of the house was my horse's stable area. The houses in front of Korean Village are sitting on my barrel racing course and the small woods where I used to pretend I was an Indian.
The text about Stone Manor is not accurate but it gives you an idea about the place. I can still remember how it looked on the inside; it was a work of art. I visited it in the early 90's and was delighted to find the ground floor almost totally restored. The project manager gave me a couple pieces of marble from the old fireplaces which I shared with my mom- the dowager queen of the palace. She loved the house as much as I was afraid of it. Her love for the Creator made her fearless while all I could think of were bats in the basement and Vincent Price.

I found some information on Korean Village and an ad for one of the condo units. I wonder if it is my old stable?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just a month or so away

In about 5 weeks from now, little Lilu will set foot on Kauai for the first time in her young life. For this tutu, it will be a momentous occasion. It's been awhile since all my children were in the same place at the same time.
The last time was at Michele and Jason's wedding near Portland. That was a couple of years ago. My sister could not make it to that party, but two of her sons did.
This time, my sister and her hubby are coming all the way from Florida! The good news is, they found my favorite sunglasses at their house- the ones I left during my visit last August for the football game. The bad news is that grandma doesn't want to make the long trip. Poopy. But she still has a few weeks to change her mind!

Here's Lilu- playing and reading with daddy, her new balloon, chillin' with mom and trying on her new sunware for her trip to Kauai.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Beautiful Poipu / Waimea Vibes

#2 son Steven was shooting more skimboard action with his friends in Poipu. The water there is sweet and the white sand creates a very different look from the black sands at Waimea. There are also a lot more people there. Some may not seem to be as interested in the drama of skimboarding as Steven is. Picasa Album

So what is #3 son up to? Hmmm. What does Squeaky hear???
Ahhh. Garage Band. Literally.